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17 July 2018

At YWCA Canberra, we are fortunate to have built strong partnerships with organisations that support gender equality and women’s leadership. centreRED IT are supporting the 2018 She Leads Conference Networking Function as the Network Partner. We had a chat to centreRED’s General Manager and Director Adele Pickering to find out just what they and why our partnership is so special.

What does centreRED IT do?

centreRED partners with Canberra businesses to offer comprehensive IT support and advice in a friendly, approachable and uncomplicated way. From enterprise-level organisations to small and mid-sized businesses, we service a range of industries, with a particular expertise in the not-for-profit sector. We pride ourselves on the enduring relationships we have built with many of our clients, fostered through an internal culture of excellence and built on mutual trust and respect.

 Tell us about yourself and your role at centreRED IT.

I am the General Manager and one of four Directors at centreRED. I am  passionate about building a corporate culture focused on staff happiness and success, and on delivering excellence to our clients daily.

In my downtime, I love nothing more than mountain biking with my family and friends – we are spoiled for choice in Canberra! As much as I love my hometown though, I also love travelling, and I’ve been known to take my hobby global, hitting the trails in New Zealand, France and Italy.

Achieving gender equality in society means something different to everybody; what does it mean to centreRED IT?

As an IT company, centreRED is operating in an industry that is still, in 2018, heavily male-dominated and where women are highly under-represented.

Of course, we support pay equity between men and women and promote a culture of zero tolerance towards gender discrimination in the workplace, but beyond that, we strive to empower women to consider STEM and leadership positions as career paths, and we recruit as such.

We’re working hard to close the gender gap, with 40% of our leadership team comprised of women, but are aware of the work ahead to achieve absolute gender parity in the tech world, and we want to be part of the solution.

Why has centreRED IT partnered with the She Leads Conference?

We’re thrilled to be partnering with the YWCA Canberra for the SheLeads Conference because we strongly believe that when empowered, inspiring and accomplished women come together, only great things can happen. We’ve seen it within our business, and we want to share ideas, challenges and successes with like-minded women on how they’ve achieved greatness within their own industries.

We also feel strongly, as an organisation, about supporting not-for-profit companies and giving back to the community – we can’t think of a better alignment of values than partnering with the YWCA Canberra.

The theme of the Conference is Rise: We grow powerful by lifting each other. Why is it important for women to provide support to each other at all levels of the workforce and across all areas of life?

We believe that by doing the opposite, competing with and putting each other down, we are not only hurting ourselves, we are doing a disfavour to women everywhere. No matter what industry, career path or job description, women in the workplace face similar issues and challenges, whether it’s being overlooked for a promotion handed to a man, a lower salary than a male counterpart or gender discrimination. And this needs to change, across the board.

At a time where gender equality is so publicised, so scrutinised, so idealised, but yet, still quite sporadic, we need to seize the opportunity to bring change by sticking together and supporting each other in our struggles, and most importantly, in our successes. We need to work collectively to bring an end to gender disparity, in the workplace and in life, and this can be achieved by creating networks of strong, fierce and brave women.

What part of the Conference are you most looking forward to?

Looking at the impressive line-up of guest speakers, I look forward to meeting and networking with successful women, learning from their experiences and sharing ours, and making new connections and friendships.

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