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10 July 2018

At YWCA Canberra, we are fortunate to have built strong partnerships with organisations that support gender equality and women’s leadership. Rowdy Digital are a friend of the 2018 She Leads Conference, and we had a chat to co-founder Llewella Jago to find out just what Rowdy Digital do and why our partnership is so special.

What does Rowdy Digital do?

Rowdy solves marketing and communications challenges through deep exploration, strategy and beautiful design to drive audiences to action. Our heart lies in projects that result in high social impact and helping more women to succeed.

Tell us about yourself and your role at Rowdy Digital.

Traditionally you would call me the Managing Director but in our company we don’t find it useful to have those titles. We all identify with belonging to a team so I’m in the creative team. My career has mostly been in marketing for very large broadcast media organisations in Australia, the UK and Asia. In the past eight years I had a little go at a public service career which saw me running a $200 million employment program, become a Chief of Staff and work in the Office for Women. Now I’m very happy to drive strategy-led creative at Rowdy and work with my cool team and interesting clients. I’m currently trying to connect other female-led marketing agencies across the world so we can do more together.

Achieving gender equality in society means something different to everybody; what does it mean to Rowdy Digital?

It means everything to us. We have set Rowdy up to support more women in our company, community and clients. Gender equality is a huge space so we stay clear on what change we can impact in the space, and go hard at doing that. It’s quite a grass roots approach. I could actually write forever about how important gender equality is….

Why has Rowdy Digital partnered with the She Leads Conference?

Love. Love for the work YWCA Canberra does and love of supporting women

The theme of the Conference is Rise: We grow powerful by lifting each other. Why is it important for women to provide support to each other at all levels of the workforce and across all areas of life?

Because girls, we’re in this together! We’re all facing the same set of issues, so if the trailblazers can blaze, then turn around and help the next group, we all move ahead. Women need to see other women moving into the highest ranks of politics and business for the role modeling it provides, but we all need that everyday, consist support to build our capabilities as a gender.

What part of the Conference are you most looking forward to?

Experiencing a room full of women. It’s always electric, exciting and you can feel the opportunity when a room is full of women. It’s really a magical experience.

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