Quality early childhood education the path to a successful future

11 March 2015

male educator with boy quoteAs an early childhood educator, I’m lucky enough to work with and meet many interesting and unique people. I’ve worked with children and families for going on 16 years and each day is different from the last.

Early childhood education and care is something I’m incredibly passionate about. Just ask my team, who watch my eyes light up with excitement when I see them achieve something amazing with a child using a simple stick and two sheets of paper. One of the very best parts of my job is being surrounded by other passionate people, men and women who are dedicated and genuinely want to have an impact on the future.

I genuinely believe a great early childhood experience is the best way we can create a bright future, both for ourselves and the children we work with. It gives children the opportunity to develop curiosity, a handy skill to have when you’re learning anything from literacy to numeracy, life skills, and social skills.

Quality educators also provide environments where children learn to be resilient, to persist, and to get up and keep going when life throws them a curve ball.

As well, early childhood education and care provides a stable support structure to enable women to be actively working or studying, which is integral to YWCA Canberra’s goal of helping women achieve their potential.

I’m proud to be an educator, a champion to children, an advocate for educators and a supporter of great early education and care as a vital part of our society.

I asked some of YWCA Canberra’s educators what they love about working in early childhood education and care and this is some of what they had to say:

“I get to be a part of so many different people’s lives to make a difference.” – Sam

“Your career is rewarding and you are teaching the next generation life skills.” – Bianca A

“The smile on the children’s faces, the bond that you form. The direct impact we have on children’s development is really exciting. Opening up new experiences and new ideas that support their development.” – Bianca B

“The children, I love watching them learn. Their excitement about life – they remind you the simple things are important. They are delighted in life.” – Claire

Our dedicated educators are wonderful to work with and are a great example of how YWCA Canberra makes positive change, every day.

I’m thrilled to be involved with the opening of a new YWCA Canberra early education and care service, called Winyu.

Winyu will be opening early May and is currently open for enrolments.

Find out more about Winyu Early Childhood Service .

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