She Leads 2015 : 5 quick questions with Jessica May

2 April 2015

Jessica May headshot largeIn the lead up to this year’s She Leads Conference, taking place on Tuesday 19 May at Hotel Realm, we’ll be giving you the chance to get to know our speakers. Today, meet Jessica May,  founder and Chief Executive Officer of the innovative web based Enabled Employment, a labour hire company for people with a disability.

Describe yourself in 30 words or less.

Experienced, talented and passionate woman with a disability, with a skill for automation and working to break down the myths and attitudinal barriers to disability employment.

Tell us about a moment in your life that defined your leadership style.

Working at the Office of Small Business with a heavily female management team and seeing their attitudes and views to flexible working arrangements and the motivation, commitment and passion from their staff in return for that trust and flexibility.

What opportunity for yourself are you most excited about in 2015?

I’m really excited about our partnership with Soldier On and getting jobs for people who have served our country when they are ready to return to civilian life.

Recommend a book to other women that you’ve found influential on your leadership/career journey. 7 Steps to Happiness.

What do you consider to be the biggest issue facing gender equality?

The skewing of research to fit people’s mind sets.  I was once told that a study of female executives found that they self-select not to go higher as they don’t want to become aggressive or pushy which is what you need to get to those levels.  In effect this study was saying that woman are the reason there isn’t gender diversity at the highest level and didn’t actually look at the problem of the culture and that it doesn’t necessarily need to be like that to be successful.

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