She Leads 2015: 5 quick questions with Rebecca Skinner

1 May 2015

Rebecca SkinnerIn the lead up to this year’s She Leads Conference, taking place on Tuesday 19 May at Hotel Realm, we’ll be giving you the chance to get to know our speakers. Today, meet Rebecca Skinner, Deputy Secretary, Defence People.

Describe yourself in 30 words or less.

I am a wife, mother of two teenage boys and Deputy Secretary Defence People. I have worked in national security for 20 years and love spending time with my family.

Tell us about a moment in your life that defined your leadership style.

My first leadership role was one where I did not have the technical skills to do the task myself at a time of high operational tempo. This led me to have to be a leader and manager, rely on the expertise of others, marshal resources, support staff and set the strategy for the team.

What opportunity for yourself are you most excited about in 2015?

The opportunity to drive implementation of the Defence First Principles Review.

Recommend a book to other women that you’ve found influential on your leadership/career journey.

Probably not the traditional leadership book but I very much enjoyed A Pressure Cooker Saved my Life by Juanita Phillips. It reflected on the challenges of the modern career, the things women worry about and sometimes the crazy things we do to ourselves while trying to have it all!

What do you consider to be the biggest issue facing gender equality?

In an Australian context, it is how to get organisational systems that were historically designed by men for men to change such that they embrace diversity and include all the possible talent. The business case for change needs to be made more strongly.

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