Staff Snapshot – Anna Bromilow

20 December 2017

Eliza Hughes

Eliza is the Communications and Marketing Officer at YWCA Canberra

At YWCA Canberra, we’re really proud of the vibrancy and diversity of our staff team. We’ll be bringing you regular staff snapshots so you can meet our team and find out a bit more about the people behind our programs and services. Today, meet Anna Bromilow.

Tell us about your role at YWCA Canberra.

I am a Family Case Manager in the Housing Support Unit. I work directly with women and children who have become homeless due to a number of reasons; mostly as a result of domestic violence.  I support them in a number of ways, finding accommodation, supporting them through the court processes, counselling, mental health support, helping escaping the abusive relationship, accessing food etc.

What’s on your playlist?

I am a diehard music fan and am totally devoted to Triple J. I honestly can’t live without music and my taste in music is massive – I love everything from Tool, Pearl Jam, Thundamentals, Radiohead… and old skool blues are awesome! I actually get a bit panicky when asked this question because I just have too many favourites and it becomes overwhelming! Music makes my world go around.

What is the most ‘out-there’ job you’ve ever had?

Well, in honesty this is probably the most “normal job” I’ve had.  My background is working in trauma so I’ve done a lot of work in prisons, drug withdrawal units, detox centres and residential rehabilitation units for both juveniles and adults.  I spent a long time working with abused and traumatised children who display severe violence as a result of their childhoods. While I feel really privileged to do the work I have done, it’s not the sort of stuff most people want to hear about – it can be pretty upsetting to know what humans can do to one another.  The world can be brutal and cruel which is why it’s so important for us to look for the beautiful things in life and be kind where we can.

What are you reading at the moment?

I’m a sucker for any kind of therapy or self-help stuff, although uni text books nearly wiped that out of me.  I am truly enthralled by human behaviour so I tend to read a lot about that.  I have done a lot of work with violent crime so I am about to start some new study on crime scene and offender profiling – I’m pumped for it!

When you’re not at work, what’s your relaxation activity of choice?

I love any kind of adventure! Particularly mountain biking, snowboarding and weight lifting. I spend lots of time with my friends and parents who are incredible human beings and of course – the three loves of my life; my Boxers Brutus and Daisy, and coffee. I also watch a stack of TV.

What is the scariest thing you’ve done in the past year?

Finally leg pressing my personal best of 200kg!

What’s an achievement that you’re proud of?

Going to uni – I was always a dummy at school, failed at finger-painting in kindy etc. It was a bit of a miracle that I made it in at all and then in another unbelievable twist, I applied to specialise, was accepted and next thing you know, I was doing a Specialist Degree!  It just goes to show that you really can do anything if you put your heart into it – the only thing stopping you is your own self-doubt, don’t buy into it.

How do you like to unwind?


Who inspires you?

My beautiful mum, Julien. She is the most amazing person I know and I am so incredibly lucky to have her.  She is the strongest, funniest, most loving and generous person to ever walk the earth despite what challenges are thrown her way.  Her positivity is truly amazing, she’s my best buddy and a very cool chick indeed!

People would be surprised if they knew…

I was born in Jakarta, Indonesia and grew up in India – India will always feel like home to me.

What’s the best concert that you’ve ever been to?

Tool’s Lateralus tour – epic!

What’s on your bucket list?

Absolutely everything!

What’s your favourite movie quote?

I don’t have one, but my fave line of all time is from the Desiderata – “With all its sham, drudgery and broken dreams, it is still a beautiful world”.

If you got a free around the world ticket, where would you go?

Around the world?! If it’s a free ticket around the world then I’m not going to pick one place – I’m going AROUND the world baby!

What makes you proud to work at the Y?

The amazing people I work with – they inspire me to get up every single day.  They make me laugh all the time which is super important in our line of work.  The people I work with spend every day trying to help others on top of managing their own life issues – its hard to be able to push aside your own stuff to help someone work through theirs but the women I work with make it look easy – they are beautiful people with hearts of gold and I feel unbelievably humbled to get to spend my days with them – they make me strive to be a better person – thanks guys. xx

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