Staff Snapshot – Leani Viljoen

4 September 2014


At YWCA Canberra, we’re really proud of the vibrancy and diversity of our staff team. We’ll be bringing you regular Staff Snapshots so you can meet our team and find out a bit more about the peopleleani viljoen_098_3 behind our programs and services. First up, meet Leani Viljoen, our Manager of People and Capability!

Can you tell us a bit about your role at YWCA Canberra?

As the People and Capability Manager (formerly the Human Resources and Quality Support Manager), I have a very varied role at the Y, covering areas like human resources, quality, risk, work health and safety, learning and development and more!  In my role, I operate at both a strategic and operational level and work with all the services and portfolios in the organisation.  My team is equally diverse and consists of the Training Unit, our Registered Training Organisation, and the Office Manager, Business Admin Trainee and a Policy and Project Officer.  I also work closely with the Finance team, Payroll in particular. My key focus over the coming months is to develop and implemented resources, processes and policies that support the Y to grow and excel in all areas of our service delivery.

What is the scariest thing you’ve done in the past year?

Moved from New Zealand to Australia. With all my planning, lists and spreadsheets, it was a fairly easy move though!

What’s on your current playlist?

A range of Indie Rock playlists and bands, with some hard rock, alternative and punk mixed in as well. I am particularly fond of “Love will save your soul” by Grouplove and anything by Milky Chance at the moment.

What is the most out-there job you’ve ever had?

I was a Scuba Diving instructor on the East Coast of South Africa many moons ago and a professional hunter in the Northern Province in South Africa in my late high school and early uni years.

If you had to choose a single thing about the Y that makes you proud to work here, what would it be?

Our ability to change, adapt and grow. I believe there is nothing worse for business than stagnation and status quo.

When you’re not at work, what’s your relaxation activity of choice?

Spending time with my partner and our dogs, and soon we’ll start renovating our new house!

Whose your favourite inspirational woman?

Queen Elizabeth II – she’s been an amazing leader over five decades!

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