Staff snapshot: Luanne Lowe

11 April 2016

At YWCA Canberra, we’re really proud of the vibrancy and diversity of our staff team. We’ll be bringing you regular staff snapshots so you can meet our team and find out a bit more about the people behind our programs and services. Today, meet Lou, YWCA Canberra Office Manager. 

Tell us about your role at YWCA Canberra

In June it will be seven years at the Y as the Office Manager. In a nutshell, my job is to ensure the smooth running of the office. This includes managing the facilities, memberships, contract management, and working closely with IT and Finance. I also oversaw the office relocation which was a huge project.

In my job there is no ‘normal day’, it’s always changing. In fact, people are often surprised about the different things that my role involves – I hear ‘Do you do that as well?!’ quite often!

Lou with colleagues

Lou celebrating International Women’s Day with colleagues Eliza and Janine

When you’re not at work, how you do you like to unwind?

Playing with my grandchildren – they’re aged six and two and a half.

I also love going to the beach and reading. A favourite author of mine is Diana Gabaldon and her Outlander series – I’ve read them twice!

What’s on your playlist?

Country music! My favourite would have to be Keith Urban.

And the best concert that you’ve been to?

My all-time favourite was Col Joye. I’ve also seen Charley Pride and Roy Orbison in concert here in Canberra.

What would people be surprised if they knew?

I was Lady Snooker Champion two years running, with the trophies to prove it!

And lastly, what makes you proud to work at the Y?

The flexibility for staff, which makes a big difference. I am very proud to be associated with the Y for all the wonderful work that we do, especially empowering women!  Also, my wonderful work colleagues that I have the privilege to work with every day.


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