Staff Snapshot – Peter Emojong

9 January 2015

Peter Emojong - Energy Efficiency OfficerAt YWCA Canberra, we’re really proud of the vibrancy and diversity of our staff team. We’ll be bringing you regular Staff Snapshots so you can meet our team and find out a bit more about the people behind our programs and services. Today, meet Peter Emojong, Energy and Efficiency Officer. 

Can you tell us a bit about your role at YWCA Canberra?

I first started working with the Y as an Energy Efficiency Officer at the end July of 2012, working with a diverse range of colleagues and service users. This position has allowed me to work and meet with those experiencing financial hardship and others in our local community. Some of the things I do include:

  • visit them at their home and assess their energy and water needs;
  • provide them with advice and education on how they can save and improve the comfort of their homes;
  • encourage them to take action to reduce their impact on the environment;
  • provide them with energy saving kits, and relevant information; and
  • for those who require additional assistance, provide white goods and organise a retrofit to improve the comfort of their homes.

I am motivated every day to see smiles and joy in the eyes of service users – it is a very gratifying feeling and I am thankful to the Y for the opportunity to work in this role.

What is the scariest thing you’ve done in the past year?

At the last Christmas party at the Boomerang Centre, one of the ladies, Ms. Leanne, was trying to say something to a noisy crowd of over 80 people, but all in vain. Surprisingly, I clapped my hands – the weirdest and scariest thing I have ever done. Not knowing what to expect, silence! Ms. Leanne was then able to speak to the audience.

What’s on your current playlist?

Sorry, none. Having a toddler in the house isn’t fun – she is the boss, what she wants is what is done.

What is the most out-there job you’ve ever had?

Some years ago I took a couple of weeks off work to do a sub-contracting job as a parcel deliverer – it involved waking up at 3am, running to and fro in the wet or scorching heat, all determined by the weather! At the end of the day I was tired and exhausted. After four weeks I got my first pay, but unfortunately it wasn’t matching my teller so I questioned the contractor who told me she could adjust it in the next pay, but it wasn’t.  I challenged her again to pay me my rightful dues, but when she didn’t keep her word, I quit and went back to my old job.

If you had to choose a single thing about the Y that makes you proud to work here, what would it be?

During my years at the Y I have met inspirational women of vision – it has been a pleasure to see the empowerment of women in the workforce.

When you’re not at work, what’s your relaxation activity of choice?

I love being outdoors, so gardening, and bush walking, and driving. I also spend time with my little daughter who likes the outdoors too.

Who’s your favourite inspirational woman?

Margaret Thatcher – the Iron lady, a woman with uncompromising ideology/view and a unique leadership style!

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