Studying ECEC with YWCA Canberra: Piumi’s story

16 March 2022

At YWCA Canberra, we are dedicated to building a pipeline of qualified and confident early childhood education and care (ECEC) professionals as part of our work to address gender inequality. That’s why our registered training organisation (RTO1373) offers the latest Certificate III and Diploma qualifications in ECEC.

We believe the quality of our training is demonstrated best in the words of students. Here is Piumi’s story.

Image of a young woman of Sri Lankan descent smiling, with the caption "The educators of our next generation: Piumi"Piumi has always loved working with children. Back in Sri Lanka, she had been a teacher for six years.

“The experience of working with children is always fresh and I love it,” Piumi said.

“As a person who tries to enjoy and love what I do, helping children in developing their lives makes my life extremely satisfied.”

Although she studied her Bachelor and Masters qualifications in Sri Lanka, they weren’t recognised when Piumi moved to Australia, so she had to start fresh. Which, for Piumi, meant going back to studying.

“I am always interested in continuing studies. I know it makes you independent as a strong person wherever you go.”

That didn’t make her decision easy, though.

“I had no idea where and how to go back to my studies, especially in which area I should study. Though I have experience in teaching young children, I have never worked with the little ones.”

Fortunately for Piumi, her husband suggested studying early childhood education and care (ECEC). A friend studying their Diploma in ECEC with YWCA Canberra recommended us “as the best place to pursue my career dream in Canberra”. And so Piumi’s new career began.

She was hired as a trainee in an early childhood service and started studying.

“At the very beginning, it was a bit hard to manage working full time and doing studies. But once I got to know the process and made myself comfortable, it was not that hard. Furthermore, the support given by the trainers is immense. Without their support, it would not have been so easy to complete studies while working.”

“Whenever I was struggling with questions, I emailed them to get some help, and they responded to me so well that I could overcome my problems. And the encouraging feedback motivated me to complete my studies successfully.”

“I am so grateful to Amelia [a YWCA Canberra trainer] because she is such an understanding trainer. I was completing my assignments with some time limits since I am going through my pregnancy as well. Amelia was so helpful and understanding that she accepted my humble request [to finish my studies and observations before my maternity leave], even in this COVID situation. She was such a lovely trainer.”

Although trainees don’t usually attend face-to-face classes, Piumi was keen on participating and networking with her peers. So when COVID-19 resulted in Piumi’s working hours being reduced, she attended online classes with the non-trainee students until her hours picked up again.

“By choosing to do the traineeship, I was able to get the practical knowledge in an ECEC setting very easily while getting paid. This opportunity reduced the hours of the work placement which I have to complete within the course and was really helpful in completing work placement assignments.”

And Piumi loves her new career.

“When you work in ECEC sector, you always get refreshed. You become creative and you will try to make differences in future young generation.”

“On the other hand, I feel working in ECEC is a great asset to myself as I am going to be a mom soon. I have no experience in babies, so now I have proper knowledge to build up my own child with the knowledge I have gained through YWCA Canberra training.”

And, of course, Piumi plans to continue her studies.

“I am looking forward to starting my Diploma in ECEC with YWCA Canberra so that I would be able to be more and more successful in my career development as well as in my personal satisfaction.”

“The experience of studying with YWCA Canberra is wonderful. I have no hesitation in recommending this place to anybody who is expecting to start the studies.”

“If you are struggling to find your path, YWCA Canberra always will be there for you to find the right solution. The team will guide you to achieve your goals and help you in fulfilling your future dreams in the ECEC sector.”

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