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She Leads Workshops Board Readiness Wrap Up 
5 August 2020

Our She Leads Workshop series is designed to give women and non-binary people the opportunity to gain practical skills to build their leadership capacity. Workshops are delivered by women who are experts in their field and are fun, interactive, inclusive, challenging and hands-on. We pride ourselves on creating safe and empowering spaces to learn and […]

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How to be an effective board director and other lessons from the She Leads Board Governance Workshop
5 September 2017

On Tuesday 29 August, She Leads hosted 30 women for our Board Governance Workshop, facilitated by YWCA Canberra board directors, Caitlin Sandercock and Carina Zeccola. The Board Governance Workshop taught practical skills required by board directors. On top of this, it gave an overview of boards and aimed to provide the women who attended with […]

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Board Governance – Our Board Directors discuss the importance of effective leadership and skills
25 August 2017

In this Q&A, we talk to the She Leads Workshop facilitators of Board Governance, to understand the importance of effective board governance. In our upcoming She Leads Workshop – Board Governance, attendees will gain practical skills to prepare for taking on board directorships. This workshop is aimed at providing participants with a practical overview of […]

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