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How to help kids manage anxiety or distress
2 April 2020

No matter how much we might try to shield children from bad things happening in the world, they usually know something is wrong, even if they don’t understand what. This, combined with massive routine changes because of schools going pupil free, can lead to anxiety or distress in children. This distress can manifest in different […]

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Ideas to promote social engagement while social distancing: check in on a friend; lend a helping hand to the elderly or disadvantaged; donate excess goods; create a community; offer your support.

Social engagement while social distancing
20 March 2020

With the spread of COVID-19, we’re all suddenly becoming aware of the concept of social distancing (and if you’re still unclear why it’s so important, this clip from Scrubs might help). But for many of us, we’re torn between staying away from people to reduce risks and wanting to help others in our community. Thankfully, […]

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