Blog: Identity

The value of a fulfilling career
16 March 2018

At YWCA Canberra, we value diversity. That is why we launched Write for Us, an opportunity that provides our members and friends with a platform to discuss their experiences. Today, we are sharing an article written by Tomasina Purcell, discussing the importance of a fulfilling career. I have often heard the saying ‘find a job […]

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Femme Hive Conference a Great Ydea
26 November 2014

  In April this year I was fortunate to receive a Great Ydeas grant from YWCA Canberra, to attend a conference on queer femme identity – the Femme Hive Conference in Berlin. I am currently undertaking a PhD at the Australian National University with a focus on femme subculture, and the conference provided me with […]

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