Term three highlights from Lyneham School Age Care

26 October 2016

Rachel Pace

Rachel is the Lyneham School Age Care Program Manager

YWCA Canberra runs 13 School Age Care programs across Canberra, providing care for children before and after school and during the holidays. Our educators work hard to offer a diverse range of experiences and opportunities that are designed to foster children’s wellbeing, development and learning. Here, Rachel Pace, School Age Care Program Manager at Lyneham Primary School shares the highlights from term three!


During the first week of term three, children were organised into teams, and challenged to reach 600 points by the end of the term. Points were awarded for good behaviour, such as helping to keep our space tidy and organised, and showing respect for our belongings and for other people.

After a big brainstorming discussion, children also decided they would like to look at countries and culture as the learning focus for the term. We chose to visit Australia, New Zealand, China, Japan, France, Italy, United States, Canada and Mexico.

First, we looked at Australia and New Zealand, making ANZAC biscuits, mini pavlovas, and lamingtons. Children also enjoyed making rainmakers and playing Indigenous games that we found in Yulunga, which is a resource compiling hundreds of traditional games from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities.

After this, we went to China and Japan where we enjoyed making sushi, Chinese dragon puppets and woodblock painting. A table tennis tournament was another popular activity this week, and is still being played each afternoon at the program weeks later.

The next week, children loved visiting France and Italy, where children learned how to French knit. Perhaps the most popular activity overall was making crepes, with children particularly enjoying the opportunity to learn how to flip the crepes on the hot plate.lyneham-sac2-blog

By the end of week eight, the children had reached their goal, earning 600 points. We had a celebratory sausage sizzle and disco to celebrate a great term, and exceptional behaviour shown by the children.

The disco was a blast! Some of the dances included well-loved songs like the Macarena and the Nut Bush. Asking the DJ to play your favourite song was popular, and showing off your best dance moves could earn you a prize! Older children were excited to hear their favourite songs by Macklemore, and there was lots of dabbing and jumping around. The best moment of the disco was when the DJ played Gangnam Style, and I taught the children all the dance moves for this iconic song.

I would like to thank the Educators, children and parents from Lyneham School Age Care. I am grateful that we are working together to strengthen our community and ensure we are creating positive opportunities for all children at the program.

If you would like more information on Lyneham or any of our other School Age Care services, please visit our website, or call the office on (02) 6175 9900.

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