The Frugal Feast – Meet Mitch from Dark Carnival

12 November 2014

Mitch - Dark Carnival - The Frugal FeastThis month, we’re raising funds for our Lanyon Food Hub through The Frugal Feast – a recipe book, and a week of fundraising activities that will engage the community and provide new and exciting ways for you to get involved and make a difference this festive season.

Our week of activities runs from 17 – 21 November, and is kicking off with a special one-hour self-defence workshop with Mitch, the Head Coach at Dark Carnival on Monday 17 October. Check out our chat with Mitch below, and RSVP using the form at the bottom of the page!

How did Dark Carnival begin? What draws you to martial arts?

Dark Carnival began  many, many years ago as an idea. At the time I was running someone else’s gym and would have done many things differently. This began the process of turning an idea into reality, and in June 2013, I was able to take the leap and opened Dark Carnival!

Martial Arts has always had a certain appeal, however a true martial art must be exactly that – a balance of ‘martial’ and ‘art’.

The flow on effect from this is a balance in life which the majority of Martial Artists enjoy.

How often do you run self-defence classes, and what do you normally cover in a session?

At the moment I run 30 private sessions and 14 classes a week. The majority of these are self-defence sessions and focus on keeping cool in high stress and high pressure situations by taking students and clients through various stress inoculation drills designed to build the physical, mental and emotional armour.

It’s so great that you’re supporting the Frugal Feast – why do you think supporting the community through events like this is important?

Helping out where possible is a pleasure and an honour. I recently had the opportunity to coach at the Cancer Councils ‘Fight For Life’ initiative which was great. When YWCA Canberra  approached me to help out with the Frugal Feast I accepted straight away.

Building and supporting a community is very important, giving people the tools to deal with situations whether they are on the mats or in life is critical.

What your favourite cheap, delicious meal?

Spaghetti bolognaise or honey soy beef with rice.

Self-defence with Mitch – Monday 17 November

When: 12.30 – 1.30pm
Where: Dark Carnival Gym, Level 3 Cosmopolitan building, 1 Bowes Place, Phillip
Cost: Note donation
RSVP using the form below to secure your place!

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