Time to stop talking, time for action

4 February 2015

Federal MP Gai Brodtmann speaking to She Leads Diploma students.This is the same phrase I hear amongst my peers, particularly my female ones… including myself!

I had been thinking about my career pathway more and more since being on maternity leave and pondering my future… at the young age of 40. I had been putting a lot of other people and priorities ahead of my own interests. I had been in a holding pattern career wise for a few years. My next career move would need to be more dynamic and challenging of myself. I would need to develop myself and my leadership skills to move forward.

I attended the first She Leads conference in 2014 and was inspired by all the amazing guest speakers and facilitators, and intrigued to find out more about my own leadership style. It was here that I also learned more about the She Leads Diploma of Management. I thought, “Brilliant, not only do I get an awesome leadership experience out of the course, I also get a Diploma of Management!” I have not heard of a leadership course focused on women, and a Diploma of Management at the end!

I am half way through the course. The assessments I have completed have been so invaluable to complete as I have already been able to share the learning with colleagues and friends. The guest panel speakers that we are so fortunate to have access to (prominent and successful women) have been inspiring. It’s so refreshing to know that I am not the only one who needs to believe in myself more.

A lot of light bulb and self-reflection moments have occurred, which have already made me think and behave in a different way. I am ensuring my values are at the forefront as a leader. I am presently making critical decisions for my career and personal life. The course has helped me to enhance my professional and personal relationships. I feel empowered to believe in my own leadership abilities, being adaptable, collaborative, confident, influencing, inspiring and innovative.

Stop talking about it, time for action!

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