What are your leadership, career or innovator goals? Do you have them? Gen Z Does!

26 March 2019

YWCA Canberra’s She Leads College Conference is a one-day leadership event for young women, including female-identifying and non-binary people, aged 16-18 and is designed to help them discover their personal leadership strengths and how to reach their goals.

As part of our recent She Leads College Conference, held 20 March at the University of Canberra’s Ann Harding Centre, we asked the young women in attendance to reflect on their key learnings from the day and to sum it up into one goal that they would like to achieve by the time they turned 25.

As part of this exercise we asked them to think about their strengths, what they’re passionate about, and the change they want to see in the world. The responses we received were truly inspiring, so we wanted to share them.

So, what are the leadership, career or innovator goals of Gen Z, you ask, well you can read more below. Enjoy!

By the time I am 25 I want to…

  • see stereotypes disappear
  • learn how to be a great leader and teach others to take up the challenge
  • speak up, always, even if my voice shakes
  • help women in developing countries gain access to education and eliminate the stigma of birth control
  • get into politics and make a change in the world
  • speak out when I know something is wrong
  • be in a job that I love
  • become a police officer
  • stop procrastinating, be more confident and trust myself more
  • become more active in the community and volunteer time toward the things that I am passionate about
  • start a campaign, project or initiative to create change in an area of society/ the world that I want to change
  • stand up for what I believe is right, even if I’m scared
  • help people around me and motivate them
  • get into nursing and slay
  • be a good person, better than I was yesterday
  • be someone who strives to help others
  • have a lasting impact on younger students, be brave and get out of my comfort zone
  • just be doing something that I love that makes me happy
  • change the stigma around females in basketball and advocate for the younger girls
  • pursue my dream job despite male dominance, become happy with who I am and care less of what others think
  • help achieve a more diverse scene in pop culture, we need a broader representation
  • ban single-use plastics
  • not be afraid of reactions to my views
  • be more confident
  • demolish over-sexualisation of female characters in film and television
  • become a semi-well-known eating-disorder psychologist to help guide young, struggling people
  • be in the credits of a movie by age 25
  • smash more eggs on heads
  • be a sports dietician + travel the world
  • become the Minister of juvenile justice and give more access to services for troubled students
  • write meaningful things/ helping empathy
  • be proud of myself
  • become a police officer, make my family proud
  • be studying/ finished a double degree in language and engineering and working at the Australian space agency
  • grounded, made a change to someone, do what I love
  • gain a voice
  • impact a person’s life
  • take opportunities and don’t quiet down for anyone
  • be finishing my university degree and have a positive mindset about life
  • not be afraid to do something
  • become a famous dancer
  • shake it up in the health industry
  • create and promote a support network
  • become an interior designer
  • have a degree in psychology to work with troubled youth and make a difference
  • be a scout leader
  • become a registered nurse/ paramedic
  • have a master’s degree in veterinary/ agriculture science
  • be grasping opportunities and speaking your truth
  • be more women in sport
  • not be afraid to speak up
  • speak up when people tell un-funny/ offensive jokes
  • become a registered nurse
  • finish my first degree – be completely independent
  • a pilot in the Airforce
  • be in a dance crew, hopefully
  • join the army
  • help as many people as possible
  • be playing cricket professionally
  • walk the Kokoda trail, Co-Chair the youth advisory council
  • have contributed and made a difference in the ACT
  • be more supportive
  • be happy with what I’m doing
  • erase my carbon footprint
  • be kinder to others
  • see those without a voice or chance to speak to be more represented


Are you inspired? We are!

When was last time that you sat down and thought about what your leadership, career, or innovator goals? What do you want to see yourself achieve by the time you’re 25, 35, 45, 55, 65, 85, 105…?

Want to know more?

She Leads College is part of a broader leadership pathway for women, including female-identifying and non-binary people, who are looking to explore their leadership potential. Through this program, the next generation of leaders are being equipped with the skills and confidence they need to further their potential.

To find out how you can get involved or support local women and girls to access their leadership potential through a transformative development experience, please get in touch at caf.team@ywca-canberra.org.au

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