Conder kids help to tidy up the environment on Clean up Australia Day

10 March 2020

On Clean up Australia Day, pre-schoolers from the Conder Early Childhood service participated in a community clean-up to help clean up rubbish found outside their childcare centre.Clean up conder kids

After being clothed in protective gear, the children set off around the centre to clean up all the litter found along the ground and among the bushes. After the cleanup, the children were then invited to sit down and listen to the educators talk about the importance of the environment, and how to care for it.

YWCA Canberra early childhood services are committed to teaching children the importance of the environment and how to be sustainable. We have always believed that the land plays an important part in a child’s upbringing and that it needs to be taken care of, for not only ourselves but for future generations too.

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