Meet Nathan. What a champion!

17 June 2019

Last week, on a chilly afternoon in Conder, this little hero walked through the doors of our Mura Lanyon Youth and Community Centre.

Nathan, who saved up some of his pocket money because he wanted to give back to his local community, brought in three stocked bags of non-perishable items that he wanted to donate to our food hub.

The YWCA Canberra team are completely humbled by this small act of generosity from Nathan and his mother, and want to give a massive shout out for giving back to his community. What a champion!

The Lanyon Food Hub offers free food to members of the community who require emergency relief. The Hub consists of a pantry-style system with non-perishable foods available, as well as refrigerated and frozen foods.

We accept donations for this service all year round, so if you have items to give or just want more information about the service, please contact Katherine Higgins at

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