Teaching Respect Ed

To end gender-based violence and harassment, we need change across all parts of society. Respectful Relationships Education in schools is an important part of this change, helping to prevent violence and equip young people with the skills to recognise and engage in respectful relationships.

Teaching Respect Ed is a two-day training program that equips educators with the skills and practical knowledge to deliver respectful relationship programs in the classroom.

After completing Teaching Respect Ed, participants will:

  • understand the drivers of sexual and gender-based violence;
  • understand best-practice standards for violence prevention, and how these apply to schools;
  • be equipped to plan, develop and facilitate appropriate learning experiences for students on respectful relationships;
  • be equipped to strengthen the enabling environment for respectful relationships;
  • and know how to respond when they become aware of sexual and gender-based violence impacting on students or colleagues.

The training will enable you to teach the YWCA respectful relationship program/s, tailored to meet the needs to young people aged 9-18 years:

Respect, Communicate, Choose

Relationship Things

For children aged 9-12 years, this program aims to build skills and capacity in young people to behave with respect, and be active bystanders when they observe disrespectful behaviour.

For children aged 14-18 years, this program aims to support young people to develop safe and respectful relationships and challenge their assumptions and beliefs about gender

Further enquiries, please contact  pvaw@ywca-canberra.org.au or see if we have any upcoming training.