Partner with us

At YWCA Canberra, we understand the importance of choosing a not-for-profit partner that aligns with your social and environmental sustainability objectives and values.

We work collaboratively with like-minded organisations, schools, businesses, all levels of government, and leaders in the community to ensure that our collective resources make the biggest possible impact for the people we serve.

For over 90 years, we’ve worked with a wide array of organisations and businesses to build an equal and inclusive Canberra including:

  • product donations
  • skilled and general volunteering
  • financial donations and sponsorships
  • workplace giving and matched gifts
  • co-branded campaigns and events.

Our approach

Our partnerships are built on trust, transparency, a shared vision for equality for all, and a commitment to effecting positive social change. You may wish to support a specific project, give to our community development and emergency relief work, or co-create a targeted campaign.

With each of our partnerships, we develop clear goals and strategies before resources are allocated. Through our focus on outcomes and impact, we collect and share data on our progress, reflect on lessons learned, and adapt our approach accordingly.

Key to this process is an ongoing dialogue and iterative ideas development with our partners, and celebrating our successes together along the way!

Current opportunities

We are actively seeking corporate, community, and government partnerships for a range of initiatives including:

To arrange a meeting to discuss partnership opportunities, please contact Jane Wilson, Director of Communication, Engagement and Events.