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$2,500 is the maximum amount provided to a grant recipient. Partner grants may offer less than this. You can apply for less than $2,500.

YWCA Canberra will announce successful grant recipients at our annual breakfast in early May 2024. Sign up to our newsletter or check the events page on our website to find out when this will be. We encourage grant applicants to attend the breakfast. Tickets can be purchased on our website closer to the event.

YWCA Canberra is no longer able to cover Great Ydeas recipients for public liability insurance. If your project requires public liability insurance, you will need to include the cost in your application.

Yes, as long as the activity occurs after applications close. Grants will not be provided for activities that have already occurred prior to the grant funding period.

No, all applications must be submitted by completing the online application form

Great Ydeas grants are aimed at women who may not have had the opportunity to participate in a grants program before. There is no disadvantage in applying for a Great Ydeas grant if you haven’t done so before.

A referee is someone who is able to vouch for your project or your ability to undertake this kind of project. For example, they could be a current or former employer, a teacher/trainer/lecturer who knows you well, or someone you have worked with in a volunteer capacity.

Yes, in most cases GST will need to be included for the costs associated with your project.

We’ve provided a helpful toolkit to navigate the grant application process. If you’re still stuck, we can answer general questions regarding the application process but cannot provide individual support to complete your application. Email

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