Publications and resources

YWCA Canberra has developed a suite of resources and publications that are updated regularly, and reflect the work we do in the spaces of women’s leadership, respectful relationships and more.

Please download our annual reports to gain further insight into the work we do, as well as our achievements over the years

Annual Report 2017-18

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2017-18.
Download the 2017-18 Annual Report (15MB PDF)

Annual Report 2016-17

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2016-17.
Download the 2016-17 Annual Report (10MB PDF)

Annual Report 2015-16

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2015-16.
Download the 2015-16 Annual Report (5MB PDF)

Annual Report 2014-15

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2014-15.
Download the 2014-15 Annual Report (3MB PDF)

Annual Report 2013-14

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2013-14. Download the 2013-14 Annual Report (3MB PDF)

Annual Report 2012-13

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2012-13.

Download the 2012-13 Annual Report (5MB PDF)

Annual Report 2011-12

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2011-12. Download the 2011–12 Annual Report (2MB PDF)

Annual Report 2010-11

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2010-11. Download the 2010-11 Annual Report (3MB PDF)

Annual Report 2009-10

Our Annual Report details the highlights and achievements of YWCA Canberra in 2009-10. Download the 2009-10 Annual Report (4MB PDF)

YWCA Canberra is committed to working towards Reconciliation with Indigenous Australians. Our Reconciliation Action Plan (RAP) formalises our commitment to Reconciliation and identifies clear actions and targets to meet in this work. We launched our first RAP in 2009, followed by our second Reconciliation Action Plan (2011 – 2013), and our Stretch RAP (2014-2016). Most recenly, we launched our second Stretch RAP at a special event at our Lanyon Youth and Community Centre. A stretch RAP indicates that YWCA Canberra has embedded the principles and practices of reconciliation in our everyday business.

Reconciliation Action Plan 2016-19

Download the RAP 2016-2019 (1MB PDF)

Reconciliation Action Plan 2014-16

Download the RAP 2014-2016 (1MB PDF)

Reconciliation Action Plan 2011-13

Download the RAP 2011-2013 (693KB PDF)

Reconciliation Action Plan 2009-10

Download the RAP 2009-10 (780KB PDF)

As part of our work towards Reconciliation, YWCA Canberra also participates in and supports NAIDOC Week.

YNews – Second Edition 2018

Welcome to this jam-packed second edition of YNews for 2018! It’s been an enormous couple of months and we’re excited to share all the highlights from the first half of the year with you. In this edition you’ll find; a wrap up of our Great Ydeas Innovation Breakfast and IWD event, all the details on our two recent submissions to government, a range of events and updates from our Community Services and Children’s Services portfolios, and everything you need to know about our upcoming 2018 She Leads Conference. Jump in and download a copy here. (3MB)

YNews – First Edition 2018

It’s the first edition of YNews for 2018! We’re ready to kick off another big year at YWCA Canberra, and in this edition, we share the highlights from the past few months, including our inaugural She Leads High Conference, the launch of our third Clubhouse Impact Report, and our Youth Engagement team’s Yogie Award.You can also meet the team behind our Fairley Early Childhood Service, hear the highlights from our January School Holiday programs, and find out about all of our exciting upcoming events and opportunities. Download Ynews – First Edition 2018 (8 MB)

YNews – Third Edition 2017

Welcome to the third edition of YNews for 2017! In this edition, we celebrate the Grand Opening of our Fairley Early Childhood Service in Murrumbateman, and our Winyu Early Childhood Service receives a NAPCAN award. We talk Phillipa Moss, ahead of the 2017 LGBTQIA+ & Allies Prom, and find out what advice she has for young people in Australia at present, and we share our recent partnership with the Australian National Intern Program, and explain how the program is supporting us to strengthen our advocacy work, and drive gender equality in the ACT. Download Ynews – Third Edition 2017 (3 MB)

Ynews – Second Edition 2017

Another exciting, productive and event-filled quarter here at YWCA Canberra! In this edition you’ll find all the highlights from the Great Ydeas Innovation Breakfast and the She Leads Conference, as well as an analysis of the ACT Budget and an update on our advocacy efforts! Download Ynews – Second Edition 2017 (5MB)

Ynews – First Edition 2017  

We’ve had an action-packed start to 2017! In this issue, we celebrate the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse 2016 Impact Report, the launch of the She Leads In-Conversation series, the She Leads College Conference, International Women’s Day and so much more! Download Ynews – First Edition 2017 (5MB)

Ynews – Fourth edition 2016

What a busy year we’ve had! In this issue, we  celebrate our third consecutive Employer of Choice for Gender Equality citation, share the success of our Holiday Hampers appeal, and introduce an exciting addition to our She Leads suite! Download Ynews – Fourth edition 2016 (4MB PDF)

Ynews – Third edition 2016

In this issue: We celebrate a range of achievements and events, including the release of our 2015-16 Annual Report, and Election Scorecard! Download Ynews – Third edition 2016 (4MB PDF)

Ynews – Second edition 2016

In this issue: A wrap-up of the 2016/17 ACT Budget , around the word with global Y News, inclusivity through School Age Care and more! Download Ynews – Second edition 2016 (4MB PDF)

Ynews – First edition 2016

In this issue: YWCA Canberra’s a big place! Along with the crucial new happenings, in this issue we try to take you on a whirlwind trip around the organisation. Take a deep breath! The work we do here has many faces! Download Ynews – First edition 2016 (4MB PDF)

Ynews – Fourth edition 2015

In this issue: 2015 World YWCA Council in Bangkok, celebrating the Computer Clubhouse AV Studio Launch, new Great Ydeas taking off, ACT Anti-Poverty Week and more! Download Ynews – Fourth edition 2015 (4MB PDF)

Ynews – Third edition 2015

In this issue: She Leads Conference wrap-up, the outcomes of our Fiver4Food appeal, YWCA Canberra celebrating NAIDOC Week, Y-Aspire at the Computer Clubhouse, and more! Download Ynews – Third Edition 2015 (4MB PDF)

Ynews – Second edition 2015

In this issue: What the next generation of leaders look like, at our first She Leads College Conference; how to get involved in our Respect NOW campaign; introducing the 2015 Great Ydeas recipients; the Grand Opening of Winyu Early Childhood Service, and more Download Ynews – Second Edition 2015(4MB PDF)

Ynews – First edition 2015

In this issue: 2015 She Leads Conference| Respect Now campaign| Country to Canberra | Round the World Breakfast| Winyu Early Childhood Service Download Ynews – First edition 2015 (4MB PDF)

Summer 2014

In this issue: In conversation with Julia Gillard | Changemakers Festival | The Frugal Feast Appeal. Download Ynews Summer 2014 (4MB PDF)

Special Edition – branding launch

In this issue: Our bold new brand | Anti-Poverty Week 2014 | In-Conversation with Julia Gillard. Download Ynews Special Edition (5MB PDF)

Spring 2014

In this issue: A big win for our Winter Appeal | She Leads Diploma update | YWCA Canberra stretch RAP | International AIDS Conference Melbourne. Download Ynews Spring 2014 (2MB PDF)

Winter 2014

In this issue: She Leads Conference: learning, collaborating and leading | Exploring women’s leadership and innovative ideas at the 2014 Round the World Breakfast | Celebrating Food Revolution Day | She Speaks: make your contribution to the future of women’s leadership. Download Ynews Winter 2014 (3MB PDF)

Special Edition – Women’s Leadership 2014

In this issue: All you need to know about the She Leads Conference | She Leads Diploma of Management 2014 | Reflections from Her Canberra’s Jessica Schumann | Round the World Breakfast. Download Ynews Special Edition: Women’s Leadership 2014 (3MB PDF)

Autumn 2014

In this issue: Accelerating your leadership journey | Building our Computer Clubhouse | What’s your Great Ydea? | What does membership mean to you? Download Ynews Autumn 2014 (1 MB PDF)

Summer 2013

In this issue: I am a girl screening | Reclaiming our streets, homes and institutions | Respect, Communicate, Choose | Update from Children’s Services. Download Ynews Summer 2013 (1 MB PDF)

Spring 2013

In this issue: 2013 Federal election | Great Ydeas projects | RAP journey | Campbell Cottage. Download Ynews Spring 2013 (2 MB PDF)

Winter 2013

In this issue: Contributing to our community | She Leads launch | YWCA in Timor-Leste | Profile – Rachel O’Byrne. Download Ynews Winter 2013 (5 MB PDF)

Autumn 2013

In this issue: YWCA Canberra planning day | YWCA Zambia | Foodstuff – a new program for young people | Profile – Tracey Jones. Download Ynews Autumn 2013 (1 MB PDF)

Leading the Change:The Pathway to Gender Equality

YWCA Canberra has released a report setting a clear agenda to achieve gender equality in the ACT. The makes a series of recommendations across four areas that YWCA Canberra believes would have the biggest impact on gender equality for ACT girls and women. This includes gender responsive government, equality in the workplace, a life free from violence and housing security. The report builds on the momentum from the launch of our Gender Equality Report Card, released on International Women’s Day earlier this year. Download: Leading the Change: The Pathway to Gender Equality (3MB)

YAction – Sixth Edition May 2019

In this edition, we highlight the launch of our newest charitable property management service, Rentwell, to increase affordable housing stock, explore Voices for Change, the media advocacy program we launched on International Women’s Day that supports survivors of domestic violence become trained media advocates, discuss the importance of a gendered approach to homelessness and shifting some common misconceptions about homelessness with Felicity Reynolds, and look at how we’re building member-based advocacy, and how you can be involved in 2019. (1MB)

YAction – Fifth Edition October 2018

In this edition we explore older women’s experiences of housing insecurity through our Hidden Women mini-documentary, talk careers, politics and feminist policy with outgoing MP Gai Brodtmann, ask you to have your say by contributing to our submission to the Australian Human Rights Commission Inquiry into sexual harassment, take a look at the ACT 2018/19 Budget and provide an update on positive consent legislation and how you can be involved. (2MB)

YAction – Fourth Edition July 2018

In this edition we speak to Our Watch about the importance of Respectful Relationships in education, discover how a positive definition of consent will support justice in sexual assault cases, explore PwC’s corporate leadership in diversity and inclusion, talk to Sharna Bremner, founder of End Rape on Campus and share highlights from our first advocacy briefing. Download: Fourth Edition YAction July 2018 (1MB)

YAction – Third Edition March 2018

In this edition, we share our Leading the Change: The Pathway to Gender Equality Report Card, which assesses the ACT Government’s progress on gender equality since gender parity was achieved in the Legislative Assembly in 2016, speak with organisers of the ACT Women’s March, hear from Vice President Skye Saunders as she prepares for CSW62, and much more. Download: Third Edition YAction March 2018 (3MB)

YAction – Second Edition November 2017

In this edition, we put a spotlight on the ACT’s inaugural Gender Equality Forum, speak with formidable housing advocate Penny Leehmuis, look at how a community response to sex ed is equipping parents and guardians to tackle damaging gender norms, launch our new policy priority on bridging the digital divide amongst young people, and much more. Download: Second Edition YAction November 2017 (5MB)

YAction – First Edition August 2017

Welcome to YAction! We are excited to launch our new publication, that shines a light on the advocacy of YWCA Canberra, like-minded organisations, and the issues that are important to our community. Download: First Edition YAction August 2017 (5MB)

2017 Clubhouse Impact Report

Now in its third year, the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse has evolved significantly, and continues to make a difference to the lives of so many young people. We now have 200 members, who have had access to cutting edge technology, industry mentors and environment that fosters their creativity and independent learning almost every week of the year.

In this report, you can meet our Clubhouse members and Ambassadors, hear more about other big projects and milestones that we’ve achieved throughout the year, and learn more about our objectives and outcomes. Download the 2017 Clubhouse Impact Report (5 MB PDF)

November 2017

In this edition, find out about the A-Z photography challenge, the Upcycled Skate Program with Lanyon High School, our computer building workshops, the upcoming launch of our third impact report, and much more! Download the November 2017 Clubhouse Newsletter (7MB PDF)

July 2017

In this edition, we’ve got the outcomes of our highly successful end of financial year fundraising appeal, all the highlights from our participation in the Atlassian Foundation’s Solve-a-Thon challenge, a wrap up from our July school holiday program and much more! Download the July 2017 Clubhouse Newsletter (3 MB PDF)

May 2017

In this edition, find out all the exciting activities that took place at the Clubhouse during the April School Holidays, as well as an update on the Tech Time Workshops, the Canberra Youth Voices Program and an interview with YWCA Canberra Youth Engagement Officer, Annie-Lea Rowley! Download the May 2017 Clubhouse Newsletter  (5MB PDF)

2016 Clubhouse Impact Report

In just two years since opening its doors, the YWCA Canberra Clubhouse has gone from strength to strength. 2016 saw significant growth in our membership, to over 180 young people, as well as a stronger focus on outreach, engaging the broader community and the launch of some exciting new projects.
These initiatives are outlined in the 2016 Clubhouse Impact Report, where you can also meet our Clubhouse members, hear from our Clubhouse Ambassadors and learn more about our objectives and outcomes. Download the 2016 Clubhouse Impact Report (5 MB PDF)

December 2016

In this edition, hear from Clubhouse Coordinator Lach Howarth, learn all about the hugely successful Tech Time Workshops, and find out about how the Clubhouse members got involved in National Science Week! Download YWCA Canberra Clubhouse Newsletter December (5 MB PDF)

August 2016

In this issue: Round the World Breakfast | A generous donation from The Snow Foundation! | The Tech Freeze Appeal | Teen Start-Ups, and more! Download YWCA Clubhouse Newsletter August (2 MB PDF)